Nothing says the holidays like a fresh christmas tree!
Donaghey Christmas Tree Farm
Our Trees

Fraser Firs
These trees have short needles that are
soft and gentle.  They are known for their
long-lasting needles and balsam fragrance
that fills a room.

Fralsam Fir
This hybrid incorporates the best
characteristics of its parent trees,
the Balsam and the Fraser, into one
 outstanding tree.

White Spruce

These trees have sharp, short
needles.  Their sturdy branches are
ideal for heavier ornaments.

It has many similarities to both Fraser
and balsam firs
 in growth and appearance.

Balsam Fir

Its symmetrical spire-like crown,
shining dark green color and
 spicy fragrance have made
 it a favorite Christmas tree for
hundreds of years.

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